Where’s your focus?

Where’s your focus?

As we go through our lives, I have heard that what we focus on, we become.  What we focus on will repeat, will manifest.  If my focus is on negativity, I will continue to have negative things to experience.  If I focus on being  grateful, there seem to be so many things that I can be thankful for.  Both were always there, but what I choose to focus on is what I experience and bring more and more into my life.  It has been hard to shake of the weight of years and years of abuse, the effects that manifest, the triggers that at one point seemed to control my life, BUT SO WORTH IT.  And the Lord asks me to keep my eyes on Him on that journey.

I USED TO THINK:  I was supposed to focus on God to he can manipulate me, use me, pull my strings like a puppet, see how much I can endure and then prove my love for Him.

NOW I UNDERSTAND:  If I focus on God, I can be led to live a life that is peaceful, utilizes my gifts, satisfies my needs, wants and desires.  Just because I have peace though, doesn’t mean I am not challenged, doesn’t mean my life is boring or unfulfilled.  Quite the contrary. My needs of certainty, variety, feeling loved and significant are met AND my life has purpose as I am growing and contributing beyond myself.

That is what I want to focus on.

Has your focus changed in your life?  Still in process?

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