What do you do with all those t-shirts from activities or sports?

Capture the Memories in a Quilt

Football...Baseball...Hockey...Volleyball...Cross Country...Track...Theatre...Band...Dance...Service Projects...Scouts

Send them off to college with a piece of home

Perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation

Quilt Sizes and Pricing

  • LAP SIZE– Requires approximately 12 Squares ($125-$135)
  • TWIN SIZE– Requires approximately 20 Squares ($215-$235)
  • FULL SIZE– Requires approximately 28 Squares ($245-$275)
  • QUEEN SIZE– Requires approximately 32 Squares ($275-$295)
  • KING SIZE– Requires approximately 35 Squares ($295-$345)
Price includes batting, reinforcement fabric under t-shirts, backing fabric and custom construction. 
Allow 3 weeks from receipt of fabric to completion.
One square consists of a front of a shirt, a back of a shirt, two sleeves or a special piece of fabric.
Machine washable.  (if fabric submitted is machine washable)
Some people want a certain size quilt and I use what I can to make it work to be that size and others want me to make whatever size quilt necessary to use up all the shirts. Whatever works best for you

You want a quilt! Now what ?!

1.  Get your t-shirts together– DO NOT CUT THEM.
2.  Indicate which part of the shirt that you want me to use:  FRONT or BACK or FRONT AND BACK or SLEEVES, etc. Either staple a little square of paper to the inside back neck of the shirt (where the tag is), with the part of the shirt that you want me to use or put in one bag all the shirts that you want to use just the front and all the shirts in one bag that you want to use only the backs and another bag for the shirts that you want the front and the back.
3.  Prioritize the shirts if necessary.  If you have more “squares” than the amount needed for the size of quilt that you want, choose the “have to” shirts and then ” would like these in if there is room” shirts.
4.  Decide on the color of the back of the quilt.
5.  Contact me for shirt drop off with $50 deposit.  630.745.8281
6.  Expect a call in 3 weeks to see your beautiful creation!


contact Vicki: Vicki@TeamDau.com