The image of water

The image of water

Symbolically and literally, how often is water used to cleanse us, refresh us and quench our thirst?

I believe that part of the problem with survivors of sexual abuse is that water becomes polluted and if we used the same analogies found in scripture but don’t take into account how we might be misinterpreting things because what should have been life-giving is now toxic, we can get messed up.

We can get a wrong impression of God.  Especially when the abuse happens when you are very young.  You grow up thinking things are normal, because that is all you know, but then when you start to see some things that are not what you are used to or things you believe are challenged as truth, you must look at the “life giving source” to see if it has been polluted.

The beauty of the situation is that God is the ultimate purifier!  He can cleanse anything, good as new.

However, the issue is now that your system has been permeated and you must be cleansed.  And if you have ever done a detox, sometimes you get breakouts, headaches and you feel worse before you feel better.

But, as any sexual abuse survivor who has done the work to heal, you feel so much better if you stick with it.  And you see your skin does eventually clear up… proof that healing has taken place.

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