That still small voice

That still small voice

Wear this.

Turn here.

Go this way.

I get it everyday.  And when I try to ignore it, I get a knot in my stomach.  An unrest in my gut.  So I listen.  Almost all of the time.  Last week, I didn’t listen and it made me remember why I usually listen.

Listen to who?  My guardian angel.  Which I also believe is the Holy Spirit.  I can tell when I am being led.  And I don’t like the feeling of thinking of not listening.  So I usually do.  Some of the time, it becomes apparent why I was led to do something, but most of the time, I think I will not know what could have happened because I did listen.  What bad thing I avoided.

And that is where trust comes in.  Trusting that still small voice, Holy Spirit or guardian angel.  Trust is not easy for me, but the unease that I feel from not trusting helps me to believe in God’s plan of Sheer Goodness for me.  And belief in a plan of sheer goodness is new for me.  But change is good, right?

Where do you get your guidance from?

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