Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping

…is a clinically proven mind-body tool that calms your nervous system.  You just tap on acupressure points that are close to the skin which sends a calming message to the brain.  

Check out Vicki’s Video that explains how to tap.


Learn how to tap discreetly

without anyone knowing what you are doing!

Backed by clinical trials and meta-analyses

If you have cleared the issue that we are tapping on, your subconscious mind will automatically “use the tapping” to help clear something else. It’s kind of like prayers, when you pray and the person or thing your are praying for has cleared or resolved and you didn’t know it, God uses those intentions for other good. Nothing wasted- same with tapping!

EFT is meant to be a self-help tool but if certain issues seem too overwhelming to tackle on your own, 
contact us and we can work on it during a one-on-one session.

They have free tapping meditations but if you upgrade, you'll get access to everything in their library. I use it daily.

Vicki's Experience

Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner:

Fully trained and certified through EFT Universe in Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, I help my clients efficiently and effectively neutralize their body’s emotional response to stress so they can stay calm, think clearly, and stop or even avoid panic attacks. Tapping is a clinically proven mind-body tool that calms the body’s fight or flight response to stress by gently tapping on pressure points close to the skin.

Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach:
Working through an 8 month certification program, accredited by the International Coach Federation, I am trained to help people use Tapping to clear emotional blocks to success—the limiting beliefs that hold them back in their careers and ability to greatly increase their income—the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging their efforts to make positive changes in their life.
Master Coach:
I have completed extra courses and case studies to be able to help clients process their blind spots to the struggles in their lives allowing them clarity, enjoyment and fulfillment, instead of sabotage and struggle.

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