Stations of Hope

Searching for hope during Lent?

“You’ve taken the creepy out of the Stations.”

“I LOVE your book!”

“Everything that makes me uncomfortable with the Stations of the Cross was removed and replaced with a more beautiful, understandable and meaningful version that is absolutely more relevant for today.”


“I’ll be using your version from now on.”

A fresh look at the Stations of the Cross.

Fr. Jim Murphy says, “Through the ups and downs of her personal journey as a disciple of the Lord Jesus, Vicki Dau has given us a fresh look at the Stations of the Cross. Her reflections help us to connect the experiences of the Lord’s final journey with the different moments of our own life journey. We are reassured again and again of God’s overwhelming love for us and desire to be with us. May you truly experience the Lord’s love and closeness as you pray these ‘Stations of Hope.'”

Available in six languages!

Adult and Children's Versions

“They make me more aware of the one on one relationship we have with Him and the lessons we can take and live by from His Word”

“Every day I read one of your Stations of Hope.  Christ’s Words and our responses come alive in each one.”

“I knew in my head that God loved me, but missed the peace that came with that knowledge…until now.”

“These are obviously the fruit of someone who has understood the message of ‘pick up your cross and follow after me.’  They remind us that the central message of the cross is unconditional love in the face of suffering.”

“Beautifully written!  As I prayed the ‘Stations of Hope’, I felt like I was walking with Jesus side by side, true friends. I experienced a new level of freedom.”

“These prayers are recommended for all who have suffered spiritually, physically or emotionally as they bring one deeper into the healing love that comes from faith in the cross and the surrender of Christ.  These prayers will help us to love and trust Jesus more.”

Great for personal, family or group devotions

Granted a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur so you can be assure they are morally and doctrinally sound.

Beautifully illustrated by 7th & 8th grade students of St. Isidore School

Spending a little time praying the “Stations of Hope” may allow you to experience a deepening of God’s love for you