Pendulum Swing

I discovered a correlation of my finances and food. I’ve been doing a bit of a pendulum swing where I am ultra-disciplined in Phase 1 and if I cheat, like on Superbowl Sunday- I treat it like a load day! So I have been either incredibly rigid or splurging.

And I thought about our financial situation. We hold our breathes and stretch every dime to its limits, then get a gift or extra income, take a deep breathe and treat ourselves to something for a break. It is exhausting. We are so praying for the blessing of TeamDau Wellness to finally be the opportunity to get us on steady ground- I can’t handle the Summerfest 1001 Nachts ride back and forth and back and forth. I guess I have to trust that the Lord sees the whole picture and is orchestrating the best plan.

If I just “be” and not try to pump the swing, the pendulum can rest, and so can I.




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