My husband’s prayers are so powerful

I got a root canal this morning.  4:20 am.  Yep you read it right.  We live in the suburbs of Chicago and we got up at 3:15am to drive into Chicago to arrive by 4:15am.  I don’t like driving very much, especially into the city, so I asked my hubby if he would drive me as I was more stressed about the trip in than I was about the procedure I was going to have.  Knowing he can sleep anywhere, I figured he could lay the seat back and snooze until I was done.

We got there early and I asked him to pray for me. A mere 40 minutes later, I was knocking at the passenger window with a swollen left side, ready to head back home!  A total answer of his prayer to go quickly and smoothly, taking 1/2 as long as 90% of the dentist’s usual patients.

We got home by 5:45am and by his suggestion, I went back to bed to rest while the Novocaine was still in effect.  3 hours later, I could finally feel all of my face.  With just a little discomfort, I went through my day, being more productive than I was originally planning, only having to make a meal adjustment of having a serving of Shakeology for breakfast AND lunch as it was still feeling weird to chew on my left side.

Again, his prayers answered.  Thanks babe!

What to do if your husband doesn’t pray like mine?  You pray for him.  Pray for him to become that man that will.  That’s what I did a l-o-n-g time ago.  And how much fruit those prayers have yielded.  Well worth my time for sure.

Would it be worth yours?



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