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Vicki and Tom help strengthen marriages affected by past trauma. We found it helpful to first assess the lingering damage and how it is showing up in your marriage, your job, health, money and spiritual life — then get clear on what your dreams are.

During your free 30 minute Hope and Clarity Call, Tom and Vicki will help you get clear on your goals relating to your marriage, money, spirituality, and health.

We’ll diagnose the biggest obstacle stopping you.

You’ll get our best recommendations for strategy and next steps.

We will give you our honest evaluation of what is possible and what your life can look like.

You’ll know what you should focus on to move forward, individually and as a couple.

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Team Dau will equip you to:

Effectively Communicate – Learn to express and feel love in the most effective way possible.

Experience a deeper, more intimate connection that you have been trying to get but just kept hitting a brick wall.

Keep your Composure – Learn to Stay calm and in control during a disagreement.

Incorporate a Clinically Proven Mind Body Tool – Reduce your stress and respond instead of react.

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