Why bother?

OMG -- I had two things happen today that worked themselves out in a fairly short amount of time and I certainly didn't need to get myself worked up over…

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Where’s your focus?

As we go through our lives, I have heard that what we focus on, we become.  What we focus on will repeat, will manifest.  If my focus is on negativity,…

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Life is a journey

Each path the Lord leads us on prepares us for the one that follows, but always remember it is a journey closer to Him. I have to smile as I…

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Keep your light lit

I listened to the story of a friend who was in Thailand attending a Buddist cermony.  She was antsy and her native friend told her they would eat after she…

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Paying Attention

I was driving east and saw a beautiful sky. But the sun was shining through the clouds only at certain times. I had to be alert to see the beauty.…

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Weight Loss Prayer

Lord, I pray for the strength and courage to live out these difficult circumstances that we face now. I pray for hope and healing.  Please help me to use food…

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Silent Islands

So many hurting people out there. And only a few talking -- verbally anyway. But I think the pain speaks volumes in our physical body. I am thanking God for…

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