Becoming One

July 17, 2021   8:30am

Zoom Link:

         Opening Prayer


          -print ONE copy of Engaged Couples Introduction Sheet


         Dialogue Process/10-10

         – print TWO copies of Practice Dialogue Question

         – print TWO copies of The Dialogue Process




         – print TWO copies of 5 components to good communication

         – print TWO copies of Premarital Evaluation Sheet


Decision Making/Problem Solving

– print TWO copies of Tips for Having Constructive Fights

print ONE copy of When making a decision… ask yourselves


         Lunch- 40 min.
           -please prepare lunch ahead of time so it’s ready to go



-print TWO copies of Intimacy Worksheet



– print TWO copies of Spirituality Exercise 

          Problem Solving Activity

         -print ONE copy of each of the 3 stories you received via email


        Love Letters
         -please have 2 blank pieces of paper/stationary or 2 blank cards AND 2 envelopes

        #1 Take Away


        Closing Remarks/

         – print ONE copy of Becoming One Reference Materials

         – print ONE copy of Homework

         – print ONE copy of Natural Family Planning Classes


         Take Screen Picture

         Closing Prayer