We see you there.

You started out deeply in love and committed to creating a beautiful life together.

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We see you there.

You started out deeply in love and committed to creating a beautiful life together.

But then, life happened.

And your relationship doesn’t have the intimacy you know is possible and you don’t know quite know to get it. You just want to be seen, heard and understood by your spouse, but instead you find yourself feeling frustrated, confused and isolated.  

You are in the right place. We know exactly how you feel because we’ve been there.

Meet Tom and Vicki

We were married in 1987 and after a few years had the subtle, nagging feeling something wasn’t quite right.  We were close but knew we didn’t have the intimacy we knew was possible.  We tried the marital advice of other “experts” but it didn’t seem to work like they promised.


17 years into our marriage, my (Vicki’s) repressed sexual abuse memories started surfacing.  Now things started making sense.

We figured out we couldn’t just take the standard marital/self-development advice but needed to work at the wedge in our relationship through the lens of a sexual abuse survivor.

And that’s when we started making real progress.  We figured out basic things that we needed to do that would get the fastest shifts and create the most ease, enjoyment and intimacy in our relationship.

Whether your struggle stems from:


Frequently Struggling With Money Issues


Wrestling With Weight Issues Or Chronic Pain


Sabotaging Your Goals Or Dreams By Your Behavior


Questioning How God Fits Into All of This

We can help you figure out what is needed in your marriage to break free from the past and create your

Extraordinarily Intimate Marriage!

Make Your Marriage Intimate?  How?


See the Possibilities and Magic – You may have already tried to fix what was not working, what you thought was keeping you from having a deeper, more intimate relationship, but now you will get clear vision and perfect tools to quickly help you be seen, heard and understood by your spouse.


Effectively Communicate – Learn to express and feel love in the most effective way possible. Experience a deeper connection, that intimacy level, that you have been trying to get but just kept hitting a brick wall.


Get Protocol for Making Decisions – No more guesswork for you.  You are going to get tried and true systems that you can instantly implement helping you get closer to your Intimate Marriage.


Understand Root Causes of Money Issues – Money is the #1 thing couples fight about. But money is just a metaphor for what lies deeper.  We will help you dig it all out and get that savings account built up and even decrease your debt.  How can you have that intimate relationship when you are constantly stressed and bickering over money?


Experience that New Level of Intimacy – The best gets better.  Spend time in your body instead of your head and enjoy, maybe for the first time, what love FEELS like.