Team Dau

We're here for those

wanting to

enjoy intimacy

despite having past sexual abuse.

Team Dau

We're here for those

working toward a healthier marriage

after experiencing trauma.

We show husbands and wives struggling with emptiness how to

enjoy intimacy

without frustration and hopelessness.

We are

uniquely qualified to help.

We are Tom and Vicki Dau and we were married in 1987.

After a few years of marriage, we felt close but had the nagging feeling something wasn’t right.

Take the first steps towards a

Healthier Marriage.

We are excited to share with you a talk that we had today this morning we talked about my healing and how it affects our relationship like it’s a journey.

Vicki: And my part of the journey –you’re kind of never done– but a big thing for me is not to give up and to keep moving. And Tom and made a comment because I was talking to him about another realization that I had this morning and-

Tom: So, we were laying in bed, we hadn’t gotten out of bed yet and she started sharing with me a new and realize, we’re years and years into this, but a new revelation she had had and she shared it with me and I was thinking how cool it was that it doesn’t stir me up when something new comes up to her in her mind, in her thought, and in her healing, that she shares with me. It’s never, even if it’s something that’s a memory of something that wasn’t pleasant, it’s never for me something like, “Aw man again? Or, “Come on, more?” It’s never like that. Which is really due to being committed to Vicki and our marriage from the standpoint of it’s not if we’re going to fix it, it’s how, and so I don’t even think that there’s an if about it.

And it’s also me just being committed to the fact that, okay, here we are in, so it’s life and so we’re moving on because as the more she shares with me about different things that are coming up and the more I work on myself too, and listen to what she has to say, every time something new comes up, it’s like a new little coin out of a treasure chest. It ends up being a positive thing. And it was really comforting for me to have the realization that this is a journey we’re on in that each step of it, no matter what it is, positive or negative, it still doesn’t impact us or me in a negative way.

I was happy to listen to what she had to say and was excited for the possibilities of what that now meant for her and me and us as we move forward. And that’s more and more now, every time we talk about stuff, it’s just awesome.

Vicki: And you made a comment of it’s like a train, I’m looking out a window and I’m just in a different part. I’m just looking out, new scenery or something you said? And I love that analogy. It’s like we’re on a train and as long as we keep moving, we get to see different things and experience different things. And sometimes you go through a tunnel, so it’s dark and it’s hard. But then if you stop.

Tom: But we’re together in it.

Vicki: Right. But if you stop, you stay in the tunnel. But if you keep moving, the tunnel ends and it gets better. And so, we would like to encourage you to keep moving in your healing journey. So no matter where you are and what has happened to you, that for your sake personally and for your relationship, for the sake of your relationship, to keep moving.

Vicki and Tom can equip you to:

Experience a new level of intimacy.

Spend time in your body instead of your head and enjoy,
maybe for the first time, what love FEELS like.

Effectively communicate.

Learn to express and feel love in the most effective way possible.

See the possibilites.

You may have already tried to fix what was not working, but now you will get clear vision and perfect tools to quickly help you be seen, heard and understood by your spouse.

Understand root causes
of money issues.

Money is the #1 thing couples fight about.
But money is just a metaphor for what lies deeper.

Get protocol for making decisions.

Tried and true systems that you can instantly implement,
helping you get closer to your intimate marriage.

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