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3 Things Every Wife Must Know if She Wants a Healthy Marriage

You found the man of your dreams, but things are harder than you thought they would be.

You are triggered when he is just showing his affection for you. Your temper goes from zero to 50 in a second. Maybe you struggle with money and your weight.

As a sexual abuse survivor, Vicki is committed to making her marriage the best it can be, and after years of painstaking struggle, she has figured out that working on herself makes her marriage so much easier and, dare we say, “almost effortless.”

Tom’s Plea to Wives

Please keep trying.  My wife can help you do that.  Listen to my message to the right. 

Take advantage of Vicki’s expertise and skill set to help you break free from the past and create an extraordinary marriage.

During your FREE 30 minute Call, Vicki will:

  • Help you get clear on your goals relating to your marriage, money, health and even your spiritual life.
  • Diagnose the biggest obstacle stopping you.
  • Give you what you should focus on to move forward.
  • Give her best recommendations for strategy and next steps.
  • Give her honest evaluation of what is possible and what your life can look like.

Book Your Free Hope and Clarity Call with Vicki

Foundational Groundwork Call with Vicki

Ready for relief?  Feel immediate stress reduction!  Have measurable shifts in your thinking, feelings and behavior.  Experience meaningful healing and release.  Imagine a different life for yourself and your family:  one where you ask for and enjoy something more-something bigger and better. 

Our Foundational Groundwork Session sets the stage for your transformation.  This session is hosted via ZOOM as we work together to take steps to move into the possibilities of what your life can look like.

During your 90 minutes, we will

  • Honor your Wounding:  No more pretending that it was “no big deal.”  And no more being a victim.  We are going to help you to #TakeBackYourPower.
  • Explore the possibilities: How good can it really be?  You’ll FEEL a difference.
  • Learn a clinically proven mind-body tool that will calm your nervous system down allowing you to reduce your stress and make better decisions.