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3 Things Every Husband Must Know If Your Wife Has Past Trauma

You found the woman of your dreams. You love her and support her, but things are harder than you thought they’d be. She is startled or even walks away when you try to show your affection for her.

You want to help but you don’t know how.

Married to a sexual abuse survivor since 1987, Tom is committed to making his marriage the best it can be. After years of painstaking struggle, he has figured out that working on himself makes his marriage so much easier and, dare we say, “almost effortless.”

Vicki’s Plea to Husbands of Trauma Survivors

Please be that Oak Tree for her, like my husband is for me.  Listen to my message to the right.

Take advantage of Tom’s experience and success to give you support, clarity and direction.

During your FREE 30 minute Call,

  • Tom will help you get clear on your goals relating to your marriage and understanding yourself in this.
  • He will diagnose the biggest obstacle stopping you.
  • You will know what you should focus on to move forward.
  • You’ll get his best recommendations for strategy and next steps.
  • Tom will give you his honest evaluation of what is possible and what your life can look like.

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Understanding & Clarity Coaching Package

for Husbands

Tom offers a 3 session coaching package for husbands wanting support and understanding as he navigates supporting his wife who has experienced past trauma. During your Time with Tom, you will

  • Finally feel understood: Marriage is hard enough — and then add the dynamic of having a wife who has survived sexual abuse.
  • Feel supported and grounded, maybe for the first time in your marriage.
  • Get clear on your responsibilities: Learn what might not be your fault, and how you can help your wife.